Sorry for the lack of face - but I wanted to write this post to showcase the jacket. I picked it up from Zara recently (as you can tell I went on a little spree) after literally trying it on half a dozen times over the past couple months.  At first I was not feeling it at all, I think mainly because the style was completely out of my comfort zone. I usually go for basic shapes in neutral colors with minimal details, so I can wear each item in many different ways. This piece on the other hand, it a quilted navy blue with abstract embellishment on the cuff and zipper. It is definitely not something I go for.

 But by the umpteenth time trying it on I realized, maybe that's a good thing. Having pieces in your wardrobe that are unique and out there are almost as essential as the basics, because they make your wardrobe yours. While this jacket is definitely a one-way-to-wear kind of piece, I love it because it's stylish enough to make me feel different but still classic in its fit and shape. Pieces like this are necessary to mix in with those go-to basics to balance out that trendy-to-classic ratio. Plus it makes me feel like a Dutch princess, hence the braid. 

Photo credit: Scott Harlton


  1. Very nice jacket!

    And I think it's a good thing to have a few outstanding pieces in your wardrobe!


  2. Love your jacket! Great outfit and blog dear <3

    XO J


  3. Cute look! Loving your jacket and belt!


  4. I am really liking your hair style!!


    Julia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

  5. Sometime the most outstanding pieces turn out to be the best, in combination with basics that is! Beautiful jacket!