Layering - loved by some and feared by many. Me? I. LOVE. LAYERS. I can never seem to have enough clothing on my body at one time. Plus I live in a place where it snows 8 months of the year, so I don't really have much choice but to bundle up. In this post I'm going to show you step-by-step the methods to my layering madness, and tips for getting the most clothes on your body as possible. 
P.S. Apparently I forgot how to smile while taking these photos. You have been warned.
P.P.S. I hope you get the Shrek reference in the title

STEP 1: Leather leggings are a great substitute for real pants because they are thinner and allow you to pile a bunch of layers on top, while still looking pulled together. I also love wearing a slip as a layer because it adds dimension and length to your outfit without adding bulk.

STEP 2: What is this face?! Anyways...anytime I'm not wearing denim on the bottom, I like to put it on top. This chambray top is great because it's not as bulky as true denim, and the collar adds detail when the rest of the shirt is hidden by future layers.

STEP 3: When you're layering, it is always sweater weather. This one is my personal favorite because it is shorter in the front than the back, showing off the other pieces. Feel free to add color in your sweater choices - I'm just boring and 95% of the sweaters I own fall in the grey/black spectrum.

STEP 4: Now all you warm-citied folk can probably stop at step 3, but if there is snow on the ground where you live, keep reading. An oversized blazer/coat is the perfect outerwear piece when layering. This one is big enough in the body to seamlessly hang over the rest of the clothing, but still fitted in the arms and shoulders so I don't lose my shape. I like that this one is black, because it allows the other layer to pop. TIP: Roll up the sleeves so each layer is not only visible through the body, but the arms as well.

FINALLY - A SMILE! Here's the completed look. I just added a pair of oxford flats to keep the focus on the layers, but again feel free to get creative at this step with your choice of footwear, as well as jewelry. I hope this inspired some of you guys to go into your closet and see what items can be paired together in new ways!

Topshop Leggings | Wilfred Slip | Linea Shirt (similar here) | Wilfred Sweater | 
Oak + Fort Blazer (in store/similar here) | Steve Madden oxfords

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