Alexander Wang Blazer | Babaton Vest | Wilfred tank
 Rag & Bone denim (similar) | MICHAEL Michael Kors boots

Dead streets apparently make for the perfect pitstop for a photo opportunity. Looking back, even
 though we were just on a side-street in a busy area, it looks eery to see me alone - no cars, no
 people. Nothing. Or maybe I've just watched too much Walking Dead in my day.



Wilfred turtleneck(similar) | Oak + fort vest |  Citizens of Humanity denim |  Isabel Marant boots

How important is content? As a new blogger I wonder this. To me, I see it as the perfect complement to my photos - a way to define my voice in the vast sea of the internet. But with so many bloggers now does the written content become more, or less, important? The internet has the ability to shorten our attention span to just milliseconds, and I even catch myself quickly scrolling through a webpage then moving on without a thought. But regardless of all this, I'll keep writing/rambling in hopes that someone is interested enough to read it. 



T by Alexander Wang top | Wilfred Free trousers | Forever 21 shoes

An all-white background seems to entice my tendencies even more so to an all black palate. The current hovering-around-zero temperature also doesn't help. Is it just me, or when you put something on that's  a darker hue, you instantly feel warmer? Maybe it's because you can pile on the entire black section of your wardrobe and no one notices. I kept it simple though, choosing textures over layers. There are so many options of leather trousers currently floating around the webisphere and I couldn't be more ecstatic. What's better than a boxy shape in an un-breathable fabric? Nothing. Seriously. No sarcasm whatsoever.



Mackage jacket (similar) | TNA flannel |  Citizens of Humanity denim | Fluevog shoes | Oak + fort scarf 

So. I'm back. I've decided to make a sporadic return to this blog/online journal/internet nothingness. I'm doing it for myself (because we  
I know nobody else is reading this) as a creative outlet to keep my sanity in check. It's easy to get stuck in the routine of just going through the motions, but I want this blog to remind me the difference there is in everyday and how grateful I am for the things and the opportunities I have. 

...Oh yeah, and to justify my spending habits.